The Power of Positivity - Amplify Your Feedback

Inspiring people through unexpected positive feedback

Be generous with your words and actions. As the saying goes, it doesn’t cost you anything. But, it might make a world of a difference for someone else who receives it.

Small acts you notice that you immediately want to give someone thanks for. Or appreciating the quality or success of a particular task or job someone else does. Passing on someone else’s gratitude to its intended recipient. These are all great examples of being kind with your words. Whether you are their manager, peer, or direct report, don’t be stingy with your praise. If it is genuine and well-intended, make sure you give the person your positive feedback.

Everyone has some degree of imposter syndrome and self-doubt about themselves. A kind word or a pat on the back, when they least expect it, can turbocharge them and boost their self-confidence. Its all about the small wins. If one builds enough momentum with their small wins, there is no stopping that person.

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